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A New Kind of Mobile Device – Linux Journal, June 30, 2002

A New Kind of Mobile Device

by John D. Biggs

Transmeta, the Linus-loving, super-efficient chip manufacturer, this week announced two new mobile devices that knock the socks off of current PDA and laptop offerings.

The devices, OQO Inc.’s Ultrapersonal Computer and Antelope Technologies Mobile Computer Core (MCC), are fully functional, Crusoe-based 1GHz workstations about the size of a deck of playing cards.
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PC Expo WrapUp – Linux Journal, June 28, 2002

PC Expo WrapUp

by John D. Biggs

The veterans at New York’s PC Expo were amazed; they remembered years when the exposition floor was jammed with people. “It was hard to get across the room”, I heard someone say. “It was hard to pass people in the aisles.”
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Tablet PCs Are Back in Style – Linux Journal, July 24, 2002

Tablet PCs Are Back in Style

by John D. Biggs

Technology, like fashion, runs in cycles. Every few years, bell-bottoms and plaids tend to reappear, and so does COBOL, Amiga hardware emulation and, that old chestnut, the tablet computer.

This year’s PCExpo in New York City featured a number of new tablet computing products designed to run Microsoft Windows XP Tablet Edition, which will be released in early November 2002. The idea behind tablet PCs, however, has been around since the Apple Newton. In fact, the new implementations are not all that innovative–they simply take advantage of more powerful, lighter hardware.
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