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How I fight back against IRS scammers

Every call I get on my phone is a scam. I haven’t gotten a real call in what seems like years. My mom Facetimes us and my kids text so I know that when a Brooklyn 646 number pops up its someone trying to give me Medicare funded braces or a great line of credit for my fish pornography business, FishPix, which, apparently, their systems now think I run.

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Social media supports murder

In 1932 a journalist named Fritz Gerlich took over a popular weekly paper in Germany and renamed it the Der Gerade Weg — the Straight Path. His work over the next two years called out the rise of Hilter in Germany. His thesis was simple: National Socialism — the Nazi party — would bring about “Enmity with neighbouring nations, tyranny internally, civil war, world war, lies, hatred, fratricide and boundless want.”

A year later, after the Nazi rise to power, police arrested Gerlich and sent him to Dachau. They murdered him on June 30, 1934. His widow received his ashes a few days later.

Many have died telling the truth.

And far more have killed in the service of lies.

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Chris Dancy, Mindful Cyborg

Jeff Schmidt talks about the future of the Midwest

Sara Hicks on the future of commerce

Joshua Pearce talks about the future of recycling

Farbood Nivi talks about the future of decentralized cash

My new project Hypehop now supports embeds!

I know this doesn’t make much sense to folks but I’ve been working on a way to reward users for watching videos. If you like cryptocurrency you can watch this video and get about 44 cents your time and attention. The best part? You can now embed these videos on other websites and create a crazy decentralized way of getting rewards for your attention. Please check it out at and tell me what you think.

Denis Barrier on globalization

Michael Kennedy of Green Check Verified goes deep on cannabis legalization

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