As you can probably guess, I love to write and I wanted to share something cool I’ve been working on for the past two years – a new?book?in the Mytro trilogy?called?Nayzun.

This is the second book in the Mytro series and takes your favorite heroes from Brooklyn to Barcelona to Iceland to the edge of space. It’s a labor of love and I’m writing these books for kids who love travel, trains, and strange new places.

Written for young adults but fun for all ages,?Nayzun?is the story of a secret subway system, the kids who discover it, and the strange and dangerous group bent on taking control of it. It’s full of fun, adventure, and intrigue and I want you to be the first to have it. This is a new book and a continuation of the first Mytro book.

I could really use your help. I would love to share Nayzun with you all and I’ve made a special secret perk just for you watch lovers. This gets you both ebook copies of both Nayzun and Mytro for $5. You can click here to grab your perk.

I loved writing these books and thousands of kids have loved reading them. Please check it out.

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