Get the next chapter in the Mytro trilogy today

As you can probably guess, I love to write and I wanted to share something cool I’ve been working on for the past two years – a new?book?in the Mytro trilogy?called?Nayzun.
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My Talk On Writing, Crowdfunding, And Drinking At Startup Iceland

Startup Iceland 2014 – John Biggs from Íslandsbanki on Vimeo.

Another great event in a great country.

Buy Mytro With Bitcoin

Because I like to experiment I’d like to offer my book, Mytro, for sale in Bitcoin for $2 off the Amazon price. It’s a test and I’m not sure many will take me up on my offer, but let’s give it a try.
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Mytro And The Devil

A lot of people have been asking me where I got the idea for Mytro. I remember it vividly: we were in Madrid and I was under a statue of Lucifer falling from heaven when inspiration struck like a bolt from above.

Allow me to explain.
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