My dad, Robert Lee Biggs, died on January 2 after a year-long battle with lung cancer. He was 79. I spent his last hours with him reading to him from his favorite books. He had a Master’s Degree in English from OSU and he was a life-long reader. I’ve often written about how he bought us boxes and boxes of discarded library books of all types and simply put them on our playroom shelves. Over the years, from my early reader days until today, I was able to drink from that deep well and still hope I will be able to put it to good use. This is us on the front page of a section of the Columbus Dispatch in about 1979 when they profiled my mother’s Polish rooots and all the good things she made for us to eat. That’s me at the bottom.


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This is a panel I ran at Smart City Expo with some amazing folks. My favorite is the 16-year-old who is making smart car chargers.

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Last week a 14-year-old boy brought a tech project to school setting off a wave of controversy. He is a Maker and he wanted to show his teacher a fun thing he put together. The resulting reaction was typical of today’s Internet praise and outrage cycle. On one side the Maker community has banded together to show the boy that his desire to build was important. On the other side, some believe everything about this story is a dangerous farce. After all, they say, Ahmed didn’t really build the clock. It wasn’t real – it was just a repurposed Radio Shack clock from the 1980s. The boy’s father is an Islamic firebrand! This is a carefully orchestrated sham so Ahmed can get a Surface and so kids can bring real bombs to school and teachers will think twice!

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Hi. You’re interested in pitching me your project. Ok. Cool. I like you. Let’s get this done.

So here’s what I ask every time. If you do not complete this basic survey then I will not read your email. Answer each of these questions in clear English in your email. Do not send attachments. Do not send images. Send links to screenshots and a link to your project.
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It’s been almost eight years in the making and it’s taken lots of work to get here but here we are: my book, Marie Antoinette’s Watch, is now available in ebook and paperback. I’m working with a publisher called Zola Books to distribute the ebook version and I’ve been working with Victor Marks of A Blog To Watch to solve the myriad issues with printing the paperback version. Both are ready to go and I want you guys to be the first to get them.

You can buy the paperback from Createspace now and it will soon be on Amazon.
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A Croatian site posted an interview with me in advance of my arrival in Zagreb this week. More Central European ink!

Zagreb će tako postati šesti grad ove godine, koji će ugostiti ovaj jednodnevnim događaj s utjecajnim ljudima iz svijeta biznisa i startupa. Više o događaju možete pronaći na službenim stranicama, gdje ujedno i možete kupiti kartu, a u nastavku možete pročitati naš intervju s Johnom Biggsom, jednim od predavača i urednikom prestižnog TechCruncha.

ZIMO je službeni medijski sponzor ove konferencije!

Pozdrav John, postoji li nešto u hrvatskoj startup sceni što vas privlači da dođete ovdje?

Uzbuđen sam kad idem bilo gdje. Toliko je iznimnih talenata diljem svijeta, stoga je uvijek dobro doći na nova mjesta i naučiti nove stvari.

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We’ve all been expecting a techno dystopia, a world shattered by climate change and deadened by social media. But what if the reverse is true? Technotopia is a book about the future and how things will get better, not worse, in the next 100 years.

I’m John Biggs and I’ve been a professional cynic for the past decade. I saw where technology was headed and I was upset, not amazed. But something is changing and I want to tell you about it.

“Yearly reminder: unless you’re over 60, you weren’t promised flying cars. You were promised an oppressive cyberpunk dystopia. Here you go,” wrote Kyle Marquis in February 2015. For most of my life Marquis’ words rang true. I saw the future as a slide into darkness, all Blade Runner and dirty bombs. But we are living in an era of unprecedented access to information and increasingly improved access to the resources needed to build a better world. All is not peaches and cream – yet – but I argue it will get there.

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