While I don’t want to get into politics, I popped by Ashley Todd’s blog just now and found that it was gone, sucked down the Stalinist memory hole. Luckily, however, anti-Todd sentiment has boiled over onto the other posts on the blog resulting in a an odd amalgam of the absolutely earnest and the fairly funny. Take this charming post, for example, in which one of the 50 Republicans muses on a dream he had about McCain winning.

It was election night and we were all celebrating a McCain victory. At the end of the evening, the State Chair, Beth, and executive director, Travis, came up to me and said “Rob, we have to tell you something.”

I started to freak out a little bit.

“What?” i asked.

“well, we havent really been completely honest with you,” Beth said.

Pause. what could they have possible lied to me about? these are good people!

“Ya know how you’ve been working here in Minnesota the last ten weeks?”


“Well, the thing is… This is actually Montana.”

Ha! Montana! What a little joker.

His earnestness didn’t go unrewarded. Head over to the post for the NSFW replies to his dream.

had this dream tonight omg you guys it was so scary! i was in pitsburgh (i am NEVER going there, you’ll see why…) and i had to get some cash but i didn’t want to pay atm fees, so i drove around trying to find my bank for several hours.

when i finally took some cash out, i was approached by this tall black guy, who totally robbed me! when he was done taking my money and possessions, i walked to my car (a little freaked out but still okay). he happened to be walking in the same direction and he looked at the sticker on my car and he stopped and said, “yo, you be a mccain supporter?” and i said, “um, yeah,” and then he walked back to me and pulled out a dull knife and then told me to be perfectly still and so i was and then he lightly grazed a backwards “b” onto my face! and then i said “why did you do that?” and he said, “this is the mark of barack obama, my black socialist terrorist black brother and you shall soon know his true nature when he destroys the fabric of american democracy in late january of 2009!”

and then i woke up and realized that it was all a dream and none of it was true. PHEW!

cool site! love the comments!