I’m at home in Columbus right now and I was digging through my old papers and found this little collection of floppy disks containing all of my cracking warez. As I recall, I wrote the viruses on the VIRUSES disk from a book by Cue Publishing (??) and BlueBoy was supposed to be a wardialer and the name was based on BlueBoxing, which I read about in an article on Kevin Mitnick in PC Magazine. You’ll also appreciate that I had no idea what Blue Boy was at the time and marvel at my wide-eyed innocence. I also believe that the virus on the VIRUSES disk actually fried my Packard-Bell at the time.

The virus, I think, actually prepended itself to executables and when you ran the executable it ran the virus code then wrote the actual executable to a temporary file and then ran that temporary file. Pretty ingenious, right? Unfortunately, I didn’t set the payload right and it started erasing my system files. Those were the freaking days, right?