My New, New Thing, Freemit

I’ve been quiet on this front lately for a very good reason: some friends and I are building a way to send, spend, and get money anywhere in the world. We are using bitcoin and the blockchain to move money from place to place for free and it’s really great.

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Why The Blockchain Needs Bitcoin (And Vice Versa)

These are always fun. I got to talk to three of the smartest blockchain minds in the world about BTC vs. blockchain. I always learn more than I expected and come away humbled at these brainiacs.

My Interview With The Monsters Of Making

Monsters I say!

My Interview With James Park, CEO Of Fitbit

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My Panel On Bitcoin At TechCrunch Disrupt

Who doesn’t love Bitcoin? Read more!


Last week a 14-year-old boy brought a tech project to school setting off a wave of controversy. He is a Maker and he wanted to show his teacher a fun thing he put together. The resulting reaction was typical of today’s Internet praise and outrage cycle. On one side the Maker community has banded together to show the boy that his desire to build was important. On the other side, some believe everything about this story is a dangerous farce. After all, they say, Ahmed didn’t really build the clock. It wasn’t real – it was just a repurposed Radio Shack clock from the 1980s. The boy’s father is an Islamic firebrand! This is a carefully orchestrated sham so Ahmed can get a Surface and so kids can bring real bombs to school and teachers will think twice!

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My Interview With William Gibson

I had the unique privilege of interviewing William Gibson this year. Gibson is my favorite author and, quite literally, the reason I got into writing. It’s my squee moment and was really important to me. It’s a great interview – except for a little audio trouble. Check it out.

How To Pitch Me

Hi. You’re interested in pitching me your project. Ok. Cool. I like you. Let’s get this done.

So here’s what I ask every time. If you do not complete this basic survey then I will not read your email. Answer each of these questions in clear English in your email. Do not send attachments. Do not send images. Send links to screenshots and a link to your project.
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Sending Data To The Pipsta Printer With PHP

I’ve been messing with the Pipsta mini-printer that connects to the Raspberry Pi. I wasn’t sure exactly what I wanted to do with it so I decided to learn how to send messages to it via the web. To do this you need to use the example software that comes with the printer and runs on the Raspberry Pi, a third-party MySQL server, and a little PHP.

To start, you have to set up your Pi to ping an addressable database. You can learn how to do that here. You can then then set up the server to receive jobs from the database and test it by sending a few jobs via the command line.
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My Super Cool Interview With President Of The Internet, Jim Gaffigan

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