I’m On Sirius XM

My friend Jordan Crook and I are now on Sirius XM channel 102, called Indie, where we run TechCrunch Radio, a live pitch-off that we run on the radio. It’s a load of fun. You can listen to it on Tuesdays at 6pm Eastern and they play it again every few days. The next time you can hear it is at 6pm on Thursday.

Check it out here and let me know what you think!

Wow, Mosh Is Great

Mosh is a mobile shell that maintains your current state no matter what happens to the connection. For example, you can leave a tab in your terminal program open to a server you want to access regularly and just open and close your laptop or device willy nilly. It works for OS X and Android and really seems stable. It’s essentially a persistent SSH connection that ensures you don’t lose your work.

You can grab it here to try it out. You’ll be pleased.

Paperback Copies Of School Police Just Arrived!

The paperback version of School Police just arrived and they’re beautiful. Sonia Budner’s excellent cover really brings the little book together and I’m acceptably pleased with the inside design (I did it myself). If you’d like a free copy, simply email me at john@biggs.cc but the ebook is free with Kindle Unlimited and it’s a fun little read. Let me know what you think!

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Top 5 Coolness Countdown For August 10

Presenting School Police, A Book Of Short Stories


I’m pleased to announce that I just completed a book of short stories, School Police. These things have been a long time in coming – over 15 years – and I’ve given them a beautiful cover by Sonia Budner, a Polish artist, and wonderful publishing opportunity through Kindle Unlimited. I hope you enjoy them.
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Me At The Lisbon Investment Summit, Telling Startups To Just Do It

I don’t know what to do with my hands.

Top 5 Coolness Countdown For June 23

Top 5 Coolness Countdown For June 14

Charlie White And I Talk To Mr. Media About The Magic Of Blogging™

A few weeks ago, my buddy Charlie and I recorded an interview with Mr. Media, a video blogger who asked us some great questions about blogging, making content, and generally being cool on the Internet. It was a great treat to be able to hang out with Charlie in our first dual interview and Mr. Media AKA Bob Andelman asked some great questions. Enjoy!

My Talk On Writing, Crowdfunding, And Drinking At Startup Iceland

Startup Iceland 2014 – John Biggs from Íslandsbanki on Vimeo.

Another great event in a great country.

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