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I’ve been working on a new project called TokenReporter and I think you’ll get a kick out of it. It’s basically a bi-weekly newsletter that focuses on token sales AKA ICOs and it explores the intersection of modern startups with cryptocurrency. I’m charging a little bit to support the writers I’ve hired but it’s a pretty cool little newsletter.

We’ve already got 5,000 subscribers and growing so check it out and sign up here.

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My dad, Robert Lee Biggs, died on January 2 after a year-long battle with lung cancer. He was 79. I spent his last hours with him reading to him from his favorite books. He had a Master’s Degree in English from OSU and he was a life-long reader. I’ve often written about how he bought us boxes and boxes of discarded library books of all types and simply put them on our playroom shelves. Over the years, from my early reader days until today, I was able to drink from that deep well and still hope I will be able to put it to good use. This is us on the front page of a section of the Columbus Dispatch in about 1979 when they profiled my mother’s Polish rooots and all the good things she made for us to eat. That’s me at the bottom.


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I’ve spent the last few years trying to help people communicate. I’ve learned that communication, especially intelligent communication about complex topics, is the key to nearly every human advancement. And I’ve learned that modern innovators are quickly leaving the rest of us behind because they can’t communicate their ideas succinctly and interestingly. Great ideas die because they cannot be explained.

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