A few years ago I created audiomonger.com, a site that was supposed to be about music. It languished for a few years, sat quietly unused, and now it’s being reborn.

By working with my buddy Jay Donovan, we’ve been able to create a new site dedicated to the technology of music. With cool stuff like the GTar and the cool new crowdfunded music projects, there’s a lot of gear out there that is just amazing. Our goal is to review and write about as much of it as we can.

This is a labor of love for us all and Jay has some great people working with him. Charlie Apicella is a renowned jazz guitarist, Rick Barr makes more music per year than anyone I know, and Scott McKenzie wrote the book on guitar heroes.

I’m going to remain fairly hands-off here, but I know it’s going to be a cool site. Give it a visit.