икони цениI’ve just set up a little stand-up workstation in my office in order to get me off my butt. It basically consists of a MacBook Air connected to a Magic Mouse and Logitech Keyboard as well as an old monitor I had that is connected via display port. There’s very little to connect and disconnect – I can leave the keyboard’s receiver plugged in (or I could just get a Bluetooth keyboard later) and the screen mirroring on OS X is superb.

I topped it all off with a FREDRIK Ikea computer desk built with an odd configuration. The top shelf is at eye level and the main desk about 10 inches below. It’s been a little odd so far – I’m basically recreating an experience that millions experience every day, namely working on my feet – but it seems like things will sort themselves out. I may also install a trampoline in front of it, for more of a workout. Thoughts?