Charlie and I are pleased to announce our first web course featuring one-on-one time with Charlie and I online during the run of the program. It’s a 12-week writing course with a focus on blogging and it should take you 20 minutes or so a day to go through the sections, videos, exercises and discussions.

This course is not a collection of short videos. It?s not a repackaged eBook or a bunch of PowerPoint slides. It?s not a set of DVDs. It?s not self-study.

It Is a LIVE, 12-Week, Online Social Learning Program

This course is not just a bunch of ?information? to consume on your own, and it?s not self-paced. Your exclusive instructors, Charlie and John, will personally lead the course?real-time!?in a unique social learning environment powered by Simversity.

You?ll learn with and from other students. You?ll complete writing assignments. And you?ll be expected to give feedback to other students, all online in a fun, interactive learning environment.

This is powerhouse training for folks who want to become world-class bloggers!

Best of all, we (John and Charlie) will be present with you every step of the way.

We?ll check your assignments, read your comments and be engaged in your progress. You?ll receive real feedback on your writing from other participants in the course because it?s the only way you?ll understand what it takes to become an exceptional blogger!

If you’re interested in the course, please follow and Tweet @johnbiggs to request a discount code with hashtag #bootcampme.

You can buy Nook and Kindle versions of the book here and check out the course here.