I wrote a book in 2004 about hackers, spammers, and other nerds and I thought I’d like to share it with the world. It’s currently available on Amazon and B&N and is $9.99 for the print edition and an inexplicable $9.49 in the Kindle edition. It is apparently not available for the Nook.

The book is 7 years old and is nearly out of print. It is about spammers, hackers, and viruses and I wrote it for a general audience like my dad who may or may not be all that technically savvy. It’s not a How-To as much as an exploration of the personalities in hacking.

According to Bookscan I sold 0 copies in the past few months and rather than allow it to molder, I’ve decided to give it away, with some caveats.

MANDATORY STEP: Let me know you downloaded it. Email me at john @ bigwidelogic.com or tweet me at @johnbiggs

1. Read it. It was pretty good, I was just starting out as a writer, and I thought some of it was fun/funny.
2. Buy it if you liked it. Or at least buy a copy for someone who you think will like it. Heck, even buy a paper copy. You can also buy my current book, Blogger’s Boot Camp.

3. Pass it around and tell others about it.

You guys are smart enough to know that nothing is free. It took me a two years to write this and it took Apress many resources to publish it. Now, however, it’s run its natural life and I’d like to perform this experiment to see how many copies will circulate in order to assess the feasibility of releasing books like this in the future. The publishing industry is changing before our very eyes and I’m worried many of us will be left behind if we don’t change with it.

Anyways, enjoy. Let me know if you want more formats.

EPub Version
Mobi Version