This came from a nice lady who needs to find better friends. She read this article and then sent me this note:


I just read your article “Storing computer data in the ‘cloud’. Here’s a naive question: When you say that it’s a celestial hard drive, a storage medium that exists solely in the electronic ether, do you mean that the information is just stored in the air and not in anything that one could touch or feel?



I wrote:

oh wow. No, not at all. It’s stored on hard drives. Although I’d love to see whatever you’re thinking about.


She wrote back:

Hi John,
Thanks for your prompt response. A friend who is much more tech savvy than I am said that our data was just electrical waves and was stored in the atmosphere and was somewhat like radio waves, etc. I was skeptical but when I read your article and you mentioned “electronic ether” I wondered if she was right. That’s how some of those in their 70’s interpret articles when they are much beyond our scope. Thanks for the clarification. I’ll tell her that the info is not stored in the vapor of the clouds in the sky.
(A senior citizen. Some places consider anyone over 55 a senior but I’m 21 years past that!)