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One of my favorite programs is now QuicKeys. It allows you to turn shortcuts into full lines of text. For example, when I type “ahr” and hit space, it turns into:

<A HREF="">

I use it for basic things like italicizing in HTML and I even programmed a macro to create “quick tags” to tag things on CG. You can even type “snmn” to make a ?. Because I’m a total ninja, I symlinked ~/Library/QuicKeys to a folder on Dropbox so I can sync my shortcuts across computers. Essentially you’d quit out of QuicKeys and open the terminal and type:

mkdir ~/Dropbox/Library/
mv ~/Library/QuicKeys ~/Dropbox/Library
ln -s ~/Dropbox/Library/QuicKeys ~/Library/QuicKeys

You can buy it here for $59.95 and there’s an almost endless trial available here. It is totally worth checking out and it’s improved my blog writing times immensely.