From Patrick Farley:

All my life I’ve heard Baby Boomers bitching about Nixon, even after he was dead. I used to wish they’d just GET OVER IT, but now I understand their bitterness. It wasn’t what Nixon did that infuriated them so much. It’s what he got away with. Nixon was nudged out of office by a momentary gust of public disfavor over a botched burglary attempt — not, say, a Congressional investigation into the bombing of Cambodia. There was never a thorough reckoning of the misdeeds of Nixon’s White House, just as there will probably never be a full accounting of the perversions and swindles of Bush’s presidency. To the majority of Americans, Bush will be that guy who invaded Iraq and wrecked the economy.

But I guess that’s the good news: as today’s events testify, the Neo-Con Superstorm eventually blew itself out. Exactly how and why, I don’t fully understand. It’s like the alien war machines toppling over at the end of War of the Worlds because the Martians all died of natural causes. Strangely anti-climactic, but WTF, they’re dead all the same. Perhaps it doesn’t matter that 30% of Americans STILL believe Saddam Hussein planned the attacks of 9/11. As today’s events testify, a majority of Americans aren’t buying the Think Tank New American Empire bullshit anymore. When all is said and done, jingoism doesn’t put food on your family.

Hm. I think I’ve worked out the epitaph for the Bush administration:

All circus and no bread.