Twitter Updates for 2008-06-03

  • anyone know anything about mssql 2000 injection? #
  • @igorthetroll @hormart it actually looks like they’re injected into MSSQL server directly, not into the code. This is an OLD install of w2k #
  • – anyone know why that feed isn’t showing images? #
  • @widgetyegg anything. no images show up. this seems to be programming day. 😉 #
  • @jdeneut hrm. ok #
  • @widgetyegg hrm. ok. looks like something is getting stripped out. #
  • @widgetyegg huh.c ool. ok. i’ll take a look. #
  • eating a bagel. i hope its as good in the middle as it is on the outside! #
  • i sure hope this rash isn’t spreading! #
  • @phonescooper it’s the new frontier! #
  • @AndruEdwards stop digesting! #

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