Twitter Updates for 2008-05-29

  • headed to stockholm. anyone in town? #
  • @uLiken oh definitely. “So, ladies, have you ever become so enamoured by your terrorist captors that you began to promote their cause?” #
  • @uLiken #
  • just started to use I’m sure it will change my life. #
  • my MBP is taking as long to start up as my wife’s lenovo. Something is amiss. #
  • – take me back, portishead, to my youth #
  • @patphelan we will follow you to miami. Everyone is on their way. #
  • @patphelan don’t worry. Dopplr already sent it to us. Web 2.0 is great. #
  • @smerrill i’ll eat some for you #
  • @blake It always helps me to wake up next to your mom. #
  • @elitistsnob i JUST installed it. damn. what did they do? #
  • @elitistsnob What you say !! #
  • drinking green tea, loving the sun, and thinking the trunk is a bad place for a box of dead snakes. #
  • @blake hardly #
  • @1938media i ccan get some ukrainians to do it for you for $10/hr. let me know #
  • @smerrill aren’t you on vacation? #

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