It’s called BWLConsulting and I’m happy to take on projects big or small for tech and online clients. Reach out. Maybe I can help.

BWLConsulting is a full-service Web and Web 2.0 consultancy dedicated to training on and supplying traditional media and product producers the tools they need to compete on a changing Internet. BWLConsulting is led by John Biggs, a freelance author and writer. What can BWLConsulting do for you?

  • Build and maintain database driving websites using open source technology. This includes both back and front-end programming.
  • Train and offer guidance to media and product producers on leveraging Web 2.0 and blogging to fulfill marketing goals.
  • Supply expertise on blogging techniques and skills necessary to build out corporate and private news sites.
  • Create turnkey sites and solutions for blogging, podcasting, and videocasting.
  • Speak on Web and Web 2.0 topics as well as gadgetry commentary.
  • Consulting on technology and tech products in the initial stages of production and on marketing strategies.
  • Create branded, unique podcast and videocast music and bumpers. [demo]

You can contact us here.