Seven Chapters Of Mytro Up On PressBooks

I’ve put seven chapters of Mytro up on PressBooks, an open source way to share epubs. Please read them and enjoy. I’d love some feedback as I finish the book.

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  1. I presented at a Univerity of Colorado smpsoyium two years ago. One of the topics was whether document automation was truly disruptive to law firms. Being a huge Clayton Christensen fan I argued that the technology only half fit the classical disruption model (for one thing, disruption is usually characterized by an industry overlooking an innovation because they listen too closely to what their customers are asking for and it would be hard to argue that law firm clients haven’t been asking for lower or flatter fees). I think document automation is a sustaining-techology-in-disruptive-techology-clothing. It lowers the Cost of Goods and Services (sustaining) and speeds cycle times (sustaining) and theoretically can improve quality (sustaining). But in markets and practices where firms are using document automation to give away one-size-fits-all work as a loss leader, it can certainly have disruption-like effects. Where it does, the way to win is to adopt a similar technology but to try to do so in a way that focuses on the new customer value paradigm that the disruption has revealed. In the case of law firms, I’d argue that’s more mixing more service and collaboration and counseling in with the faster, cheaper document creation.Thanks for the kind mention!

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