MonthOctober 2008

Communism: For when race-baiting is passe

New Mac virus can kill you, your hard drive

The wonderful, vindictive Internet in all its glory

While I don’t want to get into politics, I popped by Ashley Todd’s blog just now and found that it was gone, sucked down the Stalinist memory hole. Luckily, however, anti-Todd sentiment has boiled over onto the other posts on the blog resulting in a an odd amalgam of the absolutely earnest and the fairly funny. Take this charming post, for example, in which one of the 50 Republicans muses on a dream he had about McCain winning.
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I’m at home in Columbus right now and I was digging through my old papers and found this little collection of floppy disks containing all of my cracking warez. As I recall, I wrote the viruses on the VIRUSES disk from a book by Cue Publishing (??) and BlueBoy was supposed to be a wardialer and the name was based on BlueBoxing, which I read about in an article on Kevin Mitnick in PC Magazine. You’ll also appreciate that I had no idea what Blue Boy was at the time and marvel at my wide-eyed innocence. I also believe that the virus on the VIRUSES disk actually fried my Packard-Bell at the time.

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This is Russia

The Lord is clearly providing this woman with plenty of crazy

Weird Columbus, Ohio evening news hack

” Jake Whittenberg is a General Assignment Reporter for ABC 6 News at 5, 6 & 11pm and FOX 28 News at Ten.” – What is going on here? This guy ran the SAME package on Fox 28 in Columbus at 10pm then ABC News ran the same story at 11pm. Is Columbus that hard up for newscasters? Does this happen often?

Aww, babies and lobsters

As a father, I think this kind of jovial torture is important for the mental growth of youngsters. Is it food or will it eat you in your sleep? Feel free to think about this, little fellow, for the next four hours.

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A charming ride through the country…

Sun Country: The play I wrote in college

This is the full 1 hour production of Sun Country, produced by Scotch ‘n’ Soda at Carnegie Mellon University. It starred Matt Morrow, Alexis Sottile, Jeremy Lewitt, and Lou Bojarski. Those were seriously the days. The quality is pretty bad – straight from VHS – but you can sort of watch it.

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