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My panel on smart cities with four amazing thinkers on the future of urbanity

This is a panel I ran at Smart City Expo with some amazing folks. My favorite is the 16-year-old who is making smart car chargers.

Talking About Fintech At Cards & Payments Dubai

This was a wild trip. I flew into and out of Dubai in three days spending a total of 18 hours on the ground. It was fun, though, and Dubai is a crazy wonderland.

Hanging With The Winklevoss Twins At SXSW

Another day, another hour-long discussion of bitcoin and blockchain on the main stage of one of the biggest and most interesting shows in the world. This time I’m with the Winklevosses at SXSW where we talk about block size, the future of cryptocurrency, and their odd genetic quirks.

Why The Blockchain Needs Bitcoin (And Vice Versa)

These are always fun. I got to talk to three of the smartest blockchain minds in the world about BTC vs. blockchain. I always learn more than I expected and come away humbled at these brainiacs.

My Interview With The Monsters Of Making

Monsters I say!

My Croatian Is Fantastic

A Croatian site posted an interview with me in advance of my arrival in Zagreb this week. More Central European ink!

?Zagreb ?e tako postati ?esti grad ove godine, koji ?e ugostiti ovaj jednodnevnim doga?aj s utjecajnim ljudima iz svijeta biznisa i startupa. Vi?e o doga?aju mo?ete prona?i na slu?benim stranicama, gdje ujedno i mo?ete kupiti kartu, a u nastavku mo?ete pro?itati na? intervju s Johnom Biggsom, jednim od predava?a i urednikom presti?nog TechCruncha.

ZIMO je slu?beni medijski sponzor ove konferencije!

Pozdrav John, postoji li ne?to u hrvatskoj startup sceni ?to vas privla?i da do?ete ovdje?

Uzbu?en sam kad idem bilo gdje. Toliko je iznimnih talenata diljem svijeta, stoga je uvijek dobro do?i na nova mjesta i nau?iti nove stvari.

A Great Bitcoin Panel With Michael Casey, Joel Monegro, and Michael Sonnenshein

It’s not every day that I get to sit down with the author of The Age of Cryptocurrency: How Bitcoin and Digital Money Are Challenging the Global Economic Order as well as two cool VCs but I had a hoot with them all last night at an event held by Hedgeable in New York.

It’s was a fascinating opportunity to talk about the future of bitcoin and where everything is headed.
You can read about it here and watch above.

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