I’ve been quiet on this front lately for a very good reason: some friends and I are building a way to send, spend, and get money anywhere in the world. We are using bitcoin and the blockchain to move money from place to place for free and it’s really great.

I’ve always wanted to work with my tech friends on a business. I met Rich at Carnegie Mellon when we were both undergrads and he went on to do amazing work in consulting and product design and I met Paul at Lamaze class when our first kids were gestating. We grabbed a few other great programmers and designers and went to work.

You’ll be reading more about Freemit on my various channels over the next few months but I wanted to share our demo day video, above, and talk a little about the experience of building a startup after writing about them for years.

First off, building is more fun than writing. While it’s been great meeting amazing people around the world and learning cool new things, building requires a concentration and depth of understanding that I was not expecting. Luckily I built a few things before this and understand issues with staffing, management, and development but, thanks to Rich and Paul, we’ve been able to really codify those things and make sure we don’t go down project rat holes.

Further, building a business is more fun than working in a business. I missed the hustle a little and I think the process of building is an amazing way to crystalize all the things you’ve learned over the years. It is, in short, a blast.

Anyway, check out the video and let me know what you think. It’s a wild ride, I assure you.