I’m Proud To Be A Leigh Bureau Speaker

I’ve just been given the amazing opportunity to work with The Leigh Bureau, a speaker’s bureau that represents madmen like Bre Pettis and Zee Frank. They will represent me for speaking gigs and make things generally easier for me when it comes to flying around the world saying cool things to amazing people. It’s an honor to be on their speakers page and it means a lot that they took a chance on a slightly grumpy tech blogger. It also speaks to the reach of Web media that they picked me as one of their lesser luminaries.

My New Talk, Find The Schematic, At Pioneers In Vienna

Here’s my new talk, Find The Schematic, that I gave at Pioneers in Vienna. I gave out my heads and on guy left his on the desk! It was an affront.

My Talk With Raspberry Pi’s Eben Upton, One Of The Coolest Guys In Tech

A Montenegrin Debut: Escaping The Black Hole At #SparkMe

I got the chance to tell my escaping the black hole story at in Montenegro, the home of the .me domain. Great fun.

My Book, Black Hat, In ePub Format And Free To Download


I wrote a book in 2004 about hackers, spammers, and other nerds and I thought I’d like to share it with the world. It’s currently available on Amazon and B&N and is $9.99 for the print edition and an inexplicable $9.49 in the Kindle edition. It is apparently not available for the Nook.

The book is 9 years old and is nearly out of print. It is about spammers, hackers, and viruses and I wrote it for a general audience like my dad who may or may not be all that technically savvy. It’s not a How-To as much as an exploration of the personalities in hacking.

According to Bookscan I sold 0 copies in the past few months and rather than allow it to molder, I’ve decided to give it away, with some caveats.

MANDATORY STEP: Let me know you downloaded it. Email me at john @ or tweet me at @johnbiggs

1. Read it. It was pretty good, I was just starting out as a writer, and I thought some of it was fun/funny.
2. Buy it if you liked it. Or at least buy a copy for someone who you think will like it. Heck, even buy a paper copy. You can also buy my current book, Blogger’s Boot Camp.

3. Pass it around and tell others about it.

You guys are smart enough to know that nothing is free. It took me a two years to write this and it took Apress many resources to publish it. Now, however, it’s run its natural life and I’d like to perform this experiment to see how many copies will circulate in order to assess the feasibility of releasing books like this in the future. The publishing industry is changing before our very eyes and I’m worried many of us will be left behind if we don’t change with it.

Anyways, enjoy. Let me know if you want more formats.

EPub Version
Mobi Version

My Talk, The Future, Given In Iceland

Startup Iceland 2013 – John Biggs from Innovation Center Iceland on Vimeo.

I need update this one pretty regularly but it’s always fun.

Sun Country, A Play I Wrote In College

Do you like plays? Do you like juvenilia? So here.

PDF Download

A New Home On The Web For My 3D Printing Rants

As if I didn’t have enough to do I’ve started experimenting on Medium as a place for some of my musings on 3D printer. My “section,” called The 3D Printer, can be read here and I plan to update it as frequently as humanly possible (which probably means rarely). However, it’s been a fun experiment so far and I’m seeing a trickle of traffic as users pick it up on Twitter and Facebook. I may even publish a serial novel on it…

My Story On An Amazing Watch In Wired

Screen Shot 2013-05-18 at 10.59.04 AM

I finally grabbed a link to my piece in Wired for you all to read. It came out really well and I encourage you to buy the tablet edition and share the story far and wide to show Wired that they need more watch content. It’s a great nerd topic that is far underserved.

Enjoy the read and let me know what you think. As always, please sign up for more info on the book as I approach the end of this long, weird journey.

Reintroducing AudioMonger

A few years ago I created, a site that was supposed to be about music. It languished for a few years, sat quietly unused, and now it’s being reborn.
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