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Monthly Reader: Great Reads for September


Happy Autum.

I’ll be headed to Tokyo in October if anyone wants to meet up and has some cool blockchain stories to tell – email me at if you’d like to chat. Otherwise it should be a quiet few weeks.

I’m helping some friends with their new software house. It’s called and they can do blockchain and web app development along with iOS and Android app development. They’d love to hear from you if you have a project you’re looking at so just drop me a line and I’ll forward you to them.

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ICYMI – Arlo Gilbert

Dr. Aleksander Poniewierski on changing tech

ICYMI – Jana Eggers

Vasileios Nasis talks IoT

Jorim Holtey-Weber talks about mindfulness

Monthly Reader: Great Reads for August

Hello from Buenos Aires. I’m here until Tuesday August 20 if you’d like to meet up. I also realized I missed July. I guess time flies when you’re flying.

Project annoucement time: You might be familiar with my watch website, We’ve been covering watches sinces 2004 or so. In an effort to have a bit more fun we created Knapsack.News, a website dedicated to gadgets, gaming, and gear. I’ve been on the gadgets beat since 2000 and I figured now that I’m old and gray I might have some things to say that everyone else can’t. Please check it out! If you’re a PR person we’re accepting tips at
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TurboBit Premium link Generator 2019

One of the best treasures a blogger or a student or any other person can have is having such a website or tool where he or she can store his or her data and have access to it easily without any issues. If you too would want to save your data on such a place other than your computer where only you would have access to it, then there is no better option for you than Turbofit as you would be easily able to save your data in this site.

Turbofit is a free file hosting and sharing a site that has an exclusive feature of storing your data without any hassles. If you would want to have the best data-saving website, then the Latest working turbobit premium link generator is such a website which would be the perfect option in this case. Any amount of data which you upload on Turbobit Premium Accounts, you are going to be able to retrieve and access all that data whenever you want.

You can even keep your Turbofit customized and allow any of your friends, family or anybody to access all the data which you save over it.

What is Turbobit

With Turbobit, particularly a turbobit premium account using Turbobit Premium Link Generator, you’ll have the capacity to transfer a considerable measure of documents. Turbobit is a popular and easy to access online distributed storage service. It has been an amazing and users’ preferred platform like free skype, amongst other approaches to share your information or store it. They have two different membership plans:

  • Turbobit Free Account
  • Turbobit Premium Account


TurboBit makes it a point that their clients would be well-protected. That’s why they’re utilizing techniques proven to help in securing sensitive information. They also have an SSL connection that prevents unauthorized data transfer, and their terms of use clearly explain how they protect the users. As for the payment options, the company uses external providers.


Ease of use plays a very important role in a file upload. With TurboBit, all you have to do is drag and drop the file in the corresponding field and it would be ready for download. Users also have the option of uploading multiple files with the use of TurboBit’s own uploader. As for unregistered users, they have a limit of 200MB, while 100GB is supported. For website owners, they can also take advantage of the reseller program where they can earn by simply using and promoting the uploader.

Features of Turbobit Account

A premium account always has many extra features. it has many essential elements given below.

1. A large file can be download:- If you have a Premium account on Turbobit On your account, you can upload big files.

2. Increase in Downloading and Uploading speed:- Premium account users get sufficient speed for downloading their file or while uploading. In Free Account of Turbobit user get a slower downloading and Uploading speed.

3. Safe and Secure Data:- Extra security given to users. Your data is scan with malware and any virus attack. Your data keep safe and secure on Turbobit website.

4. Maximum download speed was possible.
5. Download up to 25 GB a day, 300 GB a month.
6. Security and privacy of your files.
7. Uploading files via computer or mobile phone, even through another website.
8. Automatic selection of heavily uploaded FTP server, for faster upload of files to your account.
9. Upload files up to 100 GB.
10. No limit on size and number of your files.
11. There are no time delays.
12. No advertisements.
13. Quick support.

Do not want to pay dollars for file management and sharing? Want to share enormous file sizes and download multiple files faster at a time? Want to use for free? Then you are at the right destination. Keep reading, and you will come across ways of using Upstore premium account from Jellyfish for free. But before that let us look at what upstore is for beginners. Also, we will go through the features of upstore premium accounts. I am sure at the end of this article you will have a complete understanding of what exactly is upstore, its usage and features along with the free access of premium account.

ICYMI – Haseeb Awan

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