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Nima Ashgari on abundance capitalism

Taha Meli Arvas is bearish on crypto

Jason Kneen on the future of programming

Monthly Reader: Great Reads for September


Happy Autum.

I’ll be headed to Tokyo in October if anyone wants to meet up and has some cool blockchain stories to tell – email me at if you’d like to chat. Otherwise it should be a quiet few weeks.

I’m helping some friends with their new software house. It’s called and they can do blockchain and web app development along with iOS and Android app development. They’d love to hear from you if you have a project you’re looking at so just drop me a line and I’ll forward you to them.

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ICYMI – Arlo Gilbert

Dr. Aleksander Poniewierski on changing tech

ICYMI – Jana Eggers

Vasileios Nasis talks IoT

Jorim Holtey-Weber talks about mindfulness

Monthly Reader: Great Reads for August

Hello from Buenos Aires. I’m here until Tuesday August 20 if you’d like to meet up. I also realized I missed July. I guess time flies when you’re flying.

Project annoucement time: You might be familiar with my watch website, We’ve been covering watches sinces 2004 or so. In an effort to have a bit more fun we created Knapsack.News, a website dedicated to gadgets, gaming, and gear. I’ve been on the gadgets beat since 2000 and I figured now that I’m old and gray I might have some things to say that everyone else can’t. Please check it out! If you’re a PR person we’re accepting tips at
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