икона за подаръкIf you’ll recall, Charlie White and I wrote a book called Blogger’s Boot Camp in order to help folks learn how to blog. It sold quite well and we also ran a workshop based on the content. I think it was quite useful and people enjoyed it and it really taught us a lot about online seminars.

The same folks who built the class for us also built this, an online, free seminar about blogging for folks who own (or are planning to buy the book).

I think the class, called a Siminar, is quite cool and it offers some of the interactivity available in the “paid” class we’re offering without the rigid structure. If you’re reading our book, also take the seminar. It will help you understand our points.

Good luck and if you’re having trouble, drop me a line at john @ bigwidelogic dotter com.

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You’re welcome.

I had my vasectomy on January 19, 2012, the date memorialized with the iCal notation “Vascect [sic] no lunch 34th st.” At this writing the objects in question are still apparently live, pumping out spermatozoa like a dying pulsar that will soon dwindle into white noise. It takes a certain number of ejaculations to completely clear the pipes, as it were, and by try number twelve I’ll be as barren as the surface of binary moons rising over an alien landscape.

Stepping back from the hyperbolic, let’s explore my reasons for this course of action and why, at 36, I decided it was time to stop all this baby nonsense, at least from my side. My wife and I have two kids, six and three, and for a number of years we thought we were through. A surprising (but definitely not unwanted, if he’s reading this later) third appeared this summer and we decided that 98% effectiveness was less enticing than 100% effectiveness. Rather than risk an invasive surgery for her, we (or I? I like to think we) decided it would be nice for me to have a bit of outpatient work done, go home, wash down a Tylenol with some bourbon(s), and let the old boys rest.

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