Got another mention in the Palm Beach Post. It’s a good gift guide.

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If tech gadgets are in your holiday shopping plans, a good person to talk to is John Biggs, news editor at New York City-based Gizmodo.com.

With about 10 million page views in October, it is one of the Internet’s most popular gadget news and reviews sites.

“We cover the world of technology obsessively,” Biggs said, adding that the site’s four writers and two editors work from home and stay in touch with other via instant messaging.

Gizmodo produces about 30 stories per day.

“It reminds me of an old newsroom where we’re all yelling at each other, except it’s over IM.”

Gizmodo drags Net, shares scoop on gadgets [Chicago Tribune]

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Writer Karson is doing an excellent job of maintaining TheSportingLife.net. We’re hitting about 300 visitors per day now for a total of about 1500 hits on average. Not back for about two months on the blogosphere.

Some recent topics: vodka, X-Wing Hondas, and erotic watches. What fun.

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I’m an editor for Apress and I’m looking for a few good writers. I edit a line “after-hours” books – fun with Lego, gadgetry, etc. and I’m looking for folks who might get a kick out of writing books on the things they love rather then high-tech point and clickery. Drop me a line at jbiggs at apress dot com if you’re interested in starting a dialogue.

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From SNL. Excellent stuff.

Check it out here.

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