MonthJuly 2011

Can’t Control Flash Storage/Acces Settings In Chrome/OS X? Here’s A Fix

I’m sure someone will bump into this at some point so just FYI if you get a little Flash window in Chrome on OS X asking if you’d like to change storage settings, etc, and can’t click it, you need to actually head over here and here to manually manage your storage settings. It’s completely dopey, I know.

HipChatRSS: Inject RSS Feeds Into HipChat Rooms

I’ve been using HipChat for a while and one thing we were missing was an RSS injector so we can see what our competition is up to. I built this little script to grab RSS feeds and inject new posts into a room. You have to edit setup.php with your HipChat Auth Token, room name, and name of the robot you want have visit your room. Then run the PHP code via cron. Presumably you could recreate this to run on a more command-line friendly language, but whatevs.

Good luck and have fun.

Download It Here

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