MonthMarch 2011

What I’m Finishing Up Right Now

Charlie White and I are putting the final touches on a book about blogging for Focal Press. Why? Because we’re bloggers, that’s why. Watch this space.

The Prey Project: Recover Your Stolen Macs

I’ve been doing some searches for OS X tracking apps in case of theft and I came up with the most popular, an app called Adeona. Sadly, it’s been down since 2009 and the status hasn’t changed so I’m using the Prey Project, which seems far superior. The app runs every 20 minutes and keeps an eye on everything including your webcam, running programs, and nearby hotspots. Once it’s set as missing, it shuts the laptop down and starts reporting its location. Very cool stuff.

Visualhub Is Still The Best Video Transcoder

I still love VisualHub for the Mac and I just lost my copy when I reinstalled OS X on a clean disk. My attempts to find other transcoders were sadmaking so I decided to mirror the software here for you.

You can download a copy here for as long as it lasts.

UPDATE – Scratch that. Try Media Converter. It’s free, open source, and still supported.

I Always Forget How To Move OS X Screen Capture Files Into Other Folders By Default

Go into Terminal and type:

defaults write location "~/Path/To/New/Location/"

killall SystemUIServer

Change the path, obviously. I always forget this so maybe you and I both will be helped by it.

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