MonthApril 2008

Twitter Updates for 2008-04-30

  • – new sweater friends episode #
  • hacked consoles are the best. they’re great for non-hardcore kids like me who want to play lots of games but are cheap. #
  • @LaurieShuls it’s pretty brodeo #
  • @LaurieShuls pretty much, rather #
  • @LaurieShuls sadly, no #
  • digg help #

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It’s a blob!

Twitter Updates for 2008-04-29

  • @waynema good luck dude. Write that chapter in chinese #
  • @therealdavorak until there’s some other way to get the news on your clock radio in the morning #
  • – making available is not piracy!! #

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Twitter Updates for 2008-04-28

  • @teehud call them. man up #
  • @mbites what are you trying to do? #
  • @steverubel aim me #
  • v for vendetta gets better after a few watchings #
  • @blake buy a mac #
  • @hrheingold #
  • @hrheingold att is the only one with 3G internet right now. You can’t use the N95 on sprint or verizon. It’s GSM only. #
  • why do i hate it when people skype me randomly wanting to practice english? #
  • – look what they found in my wife’s uterus! #
  • @elitistsnob yep. i hacked it and got it up there. it still works! #
  • @blake if you love porn, buy a kindle and write your own erotic stories! #
  • @blake if you want to read it in the bathroom you do #

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I decided to turn off these tweets

It got a little silly.

v for vendetta gets better aft…

v for vendetta gets better after a few watchings

@steverubel aim me

@steverubel aim me

@mbites what are you trying to…

@mbites what are you trying to do?

@teehud call them. man up

@teehud call them. man up

@dsilverman theres no reason t…

@dsilverman theres no reason to cuts with macs. They work sand tweaking. The funnest is using the command line for more power.

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