икони цениI’ve just set up a little stand-up workstation in my office in order to get me off my butt. It basically consists of a MacBook Air connected to a Magic Mouse and Logitech Keyboard as well as an old monitor I had that is connected via display port. There’s very little to connect and disconnect – I can leave the keyboard’s receiver plugged in (or I could just get a Bluetooth keyboard later) and the screen mirroring on OS X is superb.

I topped it all off with a FREDRIK Ikea computer desk built with an odd configuration. The top shelf is at eye level and the main desk about 10 inches below. It’s been a little odd so far – I’m basically recreating an experience that millions experience every day, namely working on my feet – but it seems like things will sort themselves out. I may also install a trampoline in front of it, for more of a workout. Thoughts?

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I’ll be presenting at Nerdnite on October 14. Nerdnite is a great gathering of geeks at a great spot in DUMBO in Brooklyn where you can learn all sorts of great stuff. I’ll be talking about watches. Come on out!

*Presentation #3
From Sausages To Swiss Watches: How The Quest For Barbecue Created Western Civilization (The Abridged Version)
by John Biggs

Description: What does savory slow cooked meat have to do with French monks, a doomed Queen, Rolex, and the Enigma machine? We’re going to explore the connections between early cooks and modern timekeeping technologies that keep us on time and connected.

Bio: John Biggs is a tech writer and bon vivant with a love of old watches. He writes for the New York Times, CrunchGear, and is working on a book about Breguet and the French Revolution.

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I just picked up a Magic Trackpad to change things up a little bit. I’d been using a Logitech Revolution MX (one of the best mice ever) for almost four years (!!) and I decided I wanted to give trackpads a try. Much to my chagrin, the trackpad was a mess, skipping, skittering, and jumping across the screen when connected to my Bluetooth dongle, a bog standard iOGear model I purchased years ago. I thought it was a software update, but it wasn’t.
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We have given our hearts away, a sordid boon!
Pathos via Wordsworth

I’ve stayed out of this mess so far simply because my team and site had been so far removed from the day-to-day TC rigamarole that I felt at least slightly out of touch with the internal politics associated with Mike’s firing and the rest of it all. The gadgets and mobile guys all work for TC, obviously, but we were never part of the whole he-said-she-said world of start-ups and funding that helped TC really take off. The CG/MC team were booster engines, at best, offering that last push to send the site into orbit.
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Here it is, folks: the book on writing for blogs by Charlie White (of Mashable) and I. Pick it up now at Amazon for $20 or grab it on the Kindle for $16. We’ll be doing some very interesting things in the next few weeks as well, so stay tuned.

Bloggers Boot Camp: Learning How to Build, Write, and Run a Successful Blog [Kindle Edition]

Bloggers Boot Camp: Learning How to Build, Write, and Run a Successful Blog

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