MonthJune 2011

Now You Can Download My Head!

Good news, everybody! My head, scanned at Makerbot Industries by artist Jon Monaghan with a high-resolution laser scanner, is now a Thing, available for everyone to own, covet, and place into terrible places.

That’s right: I’m now 3D-printable.
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I’m Doing A Bit More For The New York Times These Days

I’ll be writing a bit more for Gadgetwise, mostly about travel tech but also about bags, apps, and gear related to road warriorship. Requests? Recommendations? Drop me a note.

The Blogging Book Is Up For Pre-Order!

Wow. That was fast. Looks like we’re expecting a July release on this puppy. It’s available for pre-order here, so please give us a little bit of muscle and help us move this thing!

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