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The coldest town on Earth

Rap, Translated

The future of online discourse


They’re only nice when they’re sleeping

It’s a girl!

Mommy, baby, and big brother are fine. Daddy is beat.

One of our close friends is selling her art on eBay

It’s a very nice painting and it’s currently only $102.50. Pick it up!

Singing Tree – eBay item 260324575148 end time Dec-07-08 09:35:35 PST.

Elmo laughs at your pain

Don’t roam internationally on AT&T

I’m not a vindictive man. I believe in sweetness and light. But I would encourage anyone with a brain who travels, especially in these trying economic times, to buy an unlocked GSM phone and purchase pay as you go SIM cards or a MaxRoam SIM and a Rebel SIMCard for the iPhone 3G. I also encourage you to use Boingo for Wi-Fi roaming in airports and, increasingly, cities. Why? Because I just paid the equivalent to a flight to Paris and back just because I wanted to use Google Maps on the iPhone 3G to find my way around gay Paree.

Note that I understood the costs involved in roaming, but I think it’s worth a post to warn business travellers of potential pitfalls and to call out a few good services I’ve used over the year (MaxRoam, Boingo) but, for various reasons, weren’t able to help me on this trip.

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Come Sail Away on the Uke

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